Our clients include some of the largest international real estate service agencies, listed property developers, international and local building management companies, quasi - government bodies, property investment funds; incorporated owners of commercial / residential buildings; commercial and individual landlords and tenants in Hong Kong.


Key areas of practice include: 


  • Rights and obligations under land documents, such as Deeds of Mutual Covenant, Government Grants, building plans, house rules etc.
  • Drafting Deeds of Mutual Covenant, house rules, leases, licences and other land related documents
  • Interpretation of occupation permits and advising upon usage of premises and material change of use
  • Issues of easements / right of way, illegal structures, adverse possession, nuisance claims, common areas, slopes, defective buildings
  • Advising upon the terms of residential and commercial / retail tenancy agreements and resolving landlord and tenant disputes involving residential and commercial / retail properties and issuing proceedings for outstanding rent / management fees and related damages together with applications for possession of properties
  • Disputes between incorporated owners and owners of property in claims for breaches of Deeds of Mutual Covenant including the making of emergency injunction applications
  • Disputes involving breaches of construction / building contracts for negligence and fraud
  • Advising incorporated owners and building managers upon tendering exercises, budget and accounts and contribution of funds
  • Advising building managers / incorporated owners upon powers, rights and obligations
  • Advising upon judicial reviews in connection with government policies on land development
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating sale and purchase agreements of properties and other land related documentation
  • Advising on titles of properties
  • Identifying title defects and advising on available remedies
  • Handling sale and purchase, gift, mortgage and other transactions involving properties
  • Advising on terms of Government Grants including Modification Letters and Waivers
  • Advising on permitted usage of lands
  • Advising on issues relating to Government Grants enforcement actions
  • Advising on terms of Deeds of Mutual Covenants and rights and obligations amongst co-owners
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating leases and surrenders
  • Advising on tenancy matters and rights and obligations between landlords and tenants

Key Partners:

Alan Yip; Michael Withington; Daisy Tang; Tony Leung