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Jurisdictions England and Wales
Hong Kong
Languages English, Cantonese


"The hardworking William Leung provides pragmatic and solutions-oriented advice."  Client testimonial in Legal 500 2024


As a prominent commercial litigator with more than 22 years solid experience, William with his team of fee earners specialize in the following:


Commercial litigation

William's commercial practice ranges from companies’/shareholder's disputes, joint venture disputes, winding up/bankruptcy, restructuring and corporate risk management issues.  His clients would include prominent liquidators, corporates, listed companies, banks/lenders, investors, charitable organisations to private/corporate shareholders.  Notably, William and his team have recently been involved in a number of large winding up/re-restructuring matters.


William also acts for both trustees and beneficiaries on contentious trust and probate matters particularly on high net worth individuals on personal wealth matters.


William also handles general debt recovery matters for listed companies and is known for his efficiency and costs effectiveness producing great results for clients.


He has ample experience in acting for both Claimants and Recipients for funds internet fraud cases.


Insurance litigation

William acts for more than 10 large international/PRC insurers covering public liability, property, marine, travel, EC/PI insurance.  He is also a leading advisor in dealing with riot and COVID19 related claims for various insurers.


William regularly gives talks and seminars on insurance matters due to his high acclaim within the industry.


He leads a large team of dedicated lawyers specialising in insurance disputes covering public liability, property damage marine, yacht and EC/PI matters.


Transport litigation 

William acts for shipping companies, forwarders, international logistic companies, four of the largest container terminals in Hong Kong and leading warehouse operators along with their liability/property insurers.  He has unrivalled experience in handling a wide range of contentious matters on bills of lading/air waybills, cargo claims, forwarding, warehousing and logistics disputes. Particularly he is a leading figure in advising container terminals on their emergency casualty, employment, risks and property damage matters.  He has advised on transport related regulatory matters such as enforcement actions by Customs & Excise, Labour Department, Environmental Protection Department and ICAC.

William is also on the Transport and Logistics Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong.


Pleasure crafts

William has vast experience on yacht matters including sale and purchase, collision, casualty, fire and their related personal injury, insurance and litigation matters.


Escrow agent / accounts

William frequently advises on escrow agent / account agreements and their litigation risks to facilitate sale and purchase of valuable yachts, club debentures offshore properties and antiques/ paintings etc.  In appropriate cases, our firm will act as escrow agent or stakeholder.



William has been consistently named as one of the leading lawyers in Hong Kong by various legal directories.  He is admitted to practice law in both Hong Kong and England & Wales.


William also holds a number of public posts with a view to rewarding the society.


“William Leung is a very good and experienced expert to deal with complex marine claims matters.”  Legal 500 2022


2015 Howse Williams
2009 Eversheds
2001 DLA Piper
2000 Stevenson Wong & Co
1998 Hampton, Winter & Glynn


1997 PCLL, University of Hong Kong
1993 LLB, University of Wales / Portobello College, Dublin, Ireland

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

2001 England and Wales
1999 Hong Kong

Since 2021 Member of Patient Complaint Committee of The Prince Philip Dental Hospital
Since 2018 Transportation and Logistics Committee of The Law Society of The Hong Kong (Co-option)
Since 2017 The Transport Tribunals' Panel (Member) appointed by Secretary for Transport and Housing
Since 2015 to Dec 2020 The Board of Review, Inland Revenue Department (Panel member)
Since 2015 to Aug 2020 The Obscene Articles Tribunal (Member Adjudicator appointed by Chief Justice of HKSAR)
Since 2013 Admiralty Court Users Committee appointed by Chief Justice of HKSAR (Member)

Reported Cases since 2016


  1. HAN JAEJOON v. LEE SANG YOUNG [HCA 1484/2022; Date of Judgment on 13 Jan 2023; 2023 HKCFI 348]
  • Commercial/ Dispute on Ownership of shares in a Hong Kong private "holding" company/ Injunction restraining a Shareholder from dealing with the shares; cross border injunctions involving Korean entities.


  1. CHINA HEALTH GROUP LIMITED v. LI ZHONG YUAN AND OTHERS [HCA 1270/2019; Date of Judgment on 17 Dec 2021; 2021 HKCFI 3806]
  • Commercial/ Opposing the Consolidation Application defending HK Listed Company actions regarding dishonest assistance, knowing receipt and breach of fiduciary duty. Debt recovery against the Listed Company.


  1. RE GENENTECH, INC [HCIP 57/2020; Date of Judgment on 26 Jul 2021; 2021 HKCFI 2178]
  • Patent – amending specification


  1. CHAN KA CHING v. PAJS CO [HCCW 11/2021; Date of Judgment on 2 Jul 2021; 2021 HKCFI 1947]
  • Companies Winding Up/Shareholders Loan/Cross Claims


  1. CHAN KA CHING v. AJS CO [HCCW 10/2021; Date of Judgment on 2 Jul 2021; 2021 HKCFI 1947]
  • Companies Winding Up/Shareholders Loan/Cross Claims


  1. RE CHINA OIL GANGRAN ENERGY GROUP HOLDINGS LTD (the “Company”); Report in: [2021 3 HKLRD 69] [HCCW 120/2019; Date of Judgment on 4 Jun 2021; 2021 HKCFI 1592]
  • Companies Winding Up/Listed Company/Restructuring/Scheme/Parallel Scheme


  1. YUM SIU WAH v. AUTO ITALIA LIMITED [HCLA 14/2018; Date of Judgment on 27 Nov 2020; 2020 HKCFI 2965]
  • Commercial – acting for a listed company subsidiary in defending a Labour Tribunal Appeal


  1. RE WONG YAM TAK [HCB 4489/2019; Date of Judgment on 27 Sep 2019; 2019 HKCFI 2365]
  • Contested Bankruptcy


  1. HAW PAR PHARMACEUTICAL HOLDINGS PTE LTD v. HUA HAN HEALTH INDUSTRY HOLDINGS LTD ("the Company") [CAMP 182/2019; Date of Judgment on 14 Aug 2019; 2019 HKCA 906]
  • Winding Up/Appeal against decision to appoint Provisional Liquidators on HK Listed Company


  1. CYPRESS HOUSE CAPITAL LTD v. HUA HAN HEALTH INDUSTRY HOLDINGS LTD [HCCW 110/2019; Date of Judgment on 18 Jul 2019; 2019 HKCFI 1826]
  • Winding Up/Appointment of Provisional Liquidators on HK Listed Company


  1. NGAI YING CHU JUDY AND ANOTHER v. LEUNG CHI LING VINCY AND ANOTHER [HCA 991/2015; Date of Judgment on 3 May 2019; 2019 HKCFI 1158]
  • Commercial/Misappropriation of Funds by Employee


  1. FERRARI NORTH AMERICA, INC v. CHANGHON INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CO, LTD AND OTHERS [HCA 852/2017; Date of Judgment on 24 Apr 2019; 2019 HKCFI 1175]
  • Commercial/Internet Fraud for US$6.7m


  1. SAMP INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTD v. DIRECT SOURCE LTD [HCA 858/2018; Date of Judgment on 4 Apr 2019; 2019 HKCFI 844]
  • Debt recovery/Summary Judgment on disputed debt for US$34m


  1. LI LIAN INTERNATIONAL LTD AND OTHERS v. HERPORT HONG KONG LTD AND OTHER [HCAJ 160/2015; Date of Judgment on 29 Mar 2019; 2019 HKCFI 826]
  • Transportation/Forwarder Company - Third Party Action against Ocean Carrier and Exclusive Jurisdiction Clauses


  1. CARDOMON INTERNATIONAL LTD v. LONGVIEW CORPORATION LTD [HCCW 85/2018; Date of Judgment on 9 Jan 2019; 2019 HKCFI 239]
  • Contested Winding Up by Contributory (50/50 Shareholder)


  1. The Owners and/or Demise Charterers of the Ship or Vessel 'TS SINGAPORE" v. The Owners and/or Demise Charterers of the Ship or Vessel "XIN NAN TAI 77" AND ANOTHER [CACV 144/2017; Date of Judgment on 29 Jun 2018; 2018 HKCA 299]
  • Transportation/Tripartite vessel collision


  1. SUM MUN KID FREDERICK v. AUTO ITALIA LTD AND OTHERS [HCA 60/2017; Date of Judgment on 16 May 2018; 2018 HKCFI 1049]
  • Commercial/Dispute on Ownership of Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta and a La Ferrari and Injunction/Disclosure Orders


  1. CELERITY SPECIAL SITUATIONS FUND I, L. P. (formerly known as DONGLIN SPECIAL SITUATIONS FUND I, L. P.) v. CHINA LINKAGE INTERNATIONAL LTD [HCA 2993/2016; Date of Judgment on 20 Apr 2018; 2018 HKCFI 815]
  • Debt recovery/Costs Order against third parties (Directors of Defendant Company)


  1.  FUNG CHUEN v. SANDMARTIN INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD [CACV 240/2017; Date of Judgment on 17 Apr 2018; 2020 HKCA 146]
  • Commercial/Defending on Appeal against an Order for disclosure of documents by a HK Listed Company under S.740 of Companies Ordinance


  1. WINTA INVESTMENT (HONG KONG) LTD v. NG KAM CHIT [DCCJ 1620/2012; Date of Judgment on 12 Apr 2018; 2018 HKDC 342]
  • Commercial/Injunction against Employee for breach of restrictive covenants


  1. CELERITY SPECIAL SITUATIONS FUND I, L. P. (formerly known as DONGLIN SPECIAL SITUATIONS FUND I, L. P.) v. CHINA LINKAGE INTERNATIONAL LTD [HCA 2993/2016; Date of Judgment on 7 Feb 2018; 2018 HKCFI 259]
  • Debt Recovery/Set Aside Default Judgment and Money Lender Ordinance Defence


  • Commercial/Retrospective Registration of Legal Charge for HK$40m/Money Lender Ordinance


  1. LUK WING YAN v. CMB WING LUNG BANK LTD (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS WING LUNG BANK LTD) [HCA 1249/2016; Date of Judgments on 14 Dec 2017 & 5 Mar 2021; 2021 HKCFI 279]
  • Commercial/Fraud by bank staff and bank's negligence


  1. PRIMUS PACIFIC PARTNERS (GP1) LP AND ANOTHER v. LI, WENLEI AND ANOTHER [HCA 3373/2016; Date of Judgment on 6 Jun 2017]
  • Commercial/Setting Aside Mareva Injunctions involving US$36m/Breach of Fiduciary Duties


  1. The Owners and/or Demise Charterers of the Ship or Vessel "TS SINGAPORE" v. The Owners and/or Demise Charterers of the Ship or Vessel "XIN NAN TAI 77" AND ANOTHER [HCAJ 49/2013; Date of Judgment on 2 Jun 2017]
  • Transportation/Tripartite vessel collision


  1. CHINA HEALTH GROUP LTD v. LI HONG HOLDINGS LTD [HCMP 2593/2016; Date of Judgment on 29 Mar 2017]
  • Winding Up/Injunction by HK Listed Company against Winding Up Petition


  • Transportation/Forwarder Misdelivery of Cargo, Strike Out Amendments